Grande-Côte Street in Boisbriand: CCITB showcasing local businesses

The Boisbriand chapter of the Thérèse-De Blainville Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCITB), in collaboration with the City of Boisbriand and the members of the Grande-Côte committee, is working to promote businesses on Chemin de la Grande-Côte with the residents of Boisbriand through a visual identity and tools to promotional encourage traffic.

Born out of a need for visibility and stimulated by the development of a feeling of belonging, the Your Grande-Côte Boisbriand project will allow citizens to discover or rediscover the local businesses located there. Under the catchphrase Éclatée et tissée serrée, the varied offer and the proximity of merchants on the street is put center stage. Through this campaign, the CCITB wants to create a strong enthusiasm to encourage customers to take concrete action, namely, to visit stores physically.

With this project, the CCITB is capitalizing on the benefits of convenience shopping, both for the consumer and the community, with the intention of promoting a culture change whereby residents who support local commerce do so out of pride. “The creation of a collective brand image for Grande-Côte allows Fto attach themselves to it with pride. They chose Boisbriand to settle down and they are proud to contribute to the dynamism and community life of their city. Through this initiative, we are sharing their pride with the public. »Said Martin Bradette, president of the Boisbriand chapter of the CCITB.

“We are proud to support this important initiative of the Aile Boisbriand of the CCITB. For more than two years, we have combined our efforts to promote the commercial offer of this main artery of our city, for which we have major projects. In these times when local purchasing is of crucial importance in the support and development of Quebec communities, I thank all stakeholders for their mobilization in support of this cause”, underlined the mayoress of Boisbriand, Christine Beaudette.

Grande-Côte street in Boisbriand is home to more than 70 businesses with an eclectic range of goods and services. The advertising campaign, carried out by Erod creative agency, will be available on bus shelters, via a website as well as on social media. The public will find suggestions for one-day itineraries, the shops, restaurants, and favorite services of merchants as well as an illustrated map highlighting the landmarks of the Grande-Côte.

This initiative and the resulting campaign are made possible thanks to the financial support of the My Purchases in a Few Steps program from the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec.

The Boisbriand chapter of the CCITB

The Boisbriand chapter stimulates the economic vitality of Boisbriand through collective projects and personalized support. The Boisbriand chapter is under the Thérèse-De Blainville Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCITB). Recognized for its dynamism and active participation, the CCITB also oversees the Aile Sainte-Thérèse (GEST), the Aile Rosemère (AGAR), the Youth Wing (AJ), the Women in Business Network and the Industrial Network.