Faulty prefabricated fireplaces installed in condominiums built before 2008

There was an announcement by the City of Boisbriand concerning the safety of dwellings built before February 2008. The city through its site is informing the general population about the importance of immediately stopping the use of their prefabricated fireplace (device producing heat using solid fuel such as wood, pellets, etc.) because of the significant risk of fires they represent.

In fact, during its prevention inspections, the Fire Safety Department noted that several prefabricated fireplaces in condominiums or multi-unit buildings built before February 2008 showed installation defects, defects likely to cause a fire and /or accelerate the spread of a fire. Thus, several prefabricated homes in condominiums or multi-unit buildings built before February 2008 could pose a risk to the health and safety of citizens residing in these buildings.

The Fire Department will contact owners or tenants living in a condominium-type residence or a multiple-unit building who have been identified as having such defects. Citizens who wish to obtain more details about this defect and the inherent risks, can contact Mr. Mathieu Joly, prevention inspector at 450 435-3385.

The City of Boisbriand Fire Safety Department is also reminding all the Boisbriand citizens that preventive checks will again be done through a form to be completed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents affected by this process will receive a residential self-inspection questionnaire during the month of February. A few minutes are needed to carry out the required checks, in particular that of the smoke alarms. Completed forms must be sent to the Fire Safety Department, at 3305, boul. de la Grande-Allée, no later than February 28, 2022. For information: 450 435-3385.