(NSN) Quebec Finance Minister Eric Girard issued a statement earlier this week saying that will soon be tabling new legislation to deal with theft of personal information through widescape computer hacking. The move...
Martin C. Barry Several vehicles and officers from the Régie de Police du Lac des Deux-Montagnes converged at the corner of 21st Ave. and Montclair St. in Deux-Montagnes during the early evening...
Young members of the local branch of the Canada Naval League make their way along Deux-Montagnes’ Oka Rd. on their way to Central Park during the Canada Day celebration. Martin C. Barry
A resident of Rosemère asks Mayor Eric Westram and council members about measures the town has planned to deal with flooding should it take place again in the spring next year. Martin C....
Rosemère mayor Eric Westram and some members of town council are seen here during the town’s recent guestbook signing ceremony in the atrium at the public library. (NSN) As part of an official signing...
From left to right: Denis Martin, Mayor of City of Deux-Montagnes and Prefect of MRC Deux-Montagnes, Patrick Denis, Director of Régie de Police du Lac des Deux-Montagnes, Norbert Vendette, Director of Deux-Montagnes/Sainte-Marthe-Sur-Le-Lac Intermunicipal Fire Department,...
Deux-Montagnes mayor Denis Martin tabled the city’s annual financial results at the June 12 council meeting. Martin C. Barry A Deux-Montagnes man who lives within line-of-sight of the city’s main water...
Rosemère mayor Eric Westram, town councillors and many residents were on hand for the launching of the town’s ‘Come lay in the Street!’ pilot project. (NSN) At a press conference last week, officials from...
Runners from Rosemère make their way along of the challenging circuits during the 2019 Rosemère en Santé foot race. (NSN) The 33rd annual Rosemère en santé foot race attracted more than 1,200 running enthusiasts on...
A group of Rosemère residents from des Vignobles St. got up to the microphone during the June council meeting to complain about the lack of road repairs on their street. Martin C. Barry


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