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Sunday, January 17, 2021

COVID-19 : New measures implemented at Deux-Montagnes

The city of Deux Montagnes has put in place a series of measures following the latest announcements from the Government of Quebec. These measures...
After a demonstration involving around 30 people on the 21st of November afternoon, the organizer of an anti-mask rally in a shopping center will receive at least three fines.On the images shared on social networks, one can see these...
Dimitris Ilias Covid-19. Although we call it sneaky, silent killer, elusive and all kinds of epithets usually attributed to living organisms, covid-19 is not alive. It is a piece of RNA code wrapped in a protein shell. It cannot self-replicate...
Dimitris Ilias The Thérèse-De Blainville police department has been busy as of late. They have engaged in multiple campaigns of public information and fundraising. One of the campaigns is to inform citizens about the dangers of using your cell while...
Fifteenth National Grand Prix Gala for Occupational Health and Safety The Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) des Laurentides has been awarded an important prize, the Gold Laureate, Innovation - Public Bodies category, at the 15th National Grand Prix...
The mayoress of Boisbriand, Mrs. Marlene Cordato, announced a freeze on the property tax rate and tariffs in 2021 for all categories of buildings (residential, commercial and industrial), during the annual adoption of the budget by the city council...
Hydro-Québec customers have until September 30 to enter into a payment arrangement if they wish to continue benefiting from the suspension of administration charges. They can do so at any time in their Customer Space on our website or...
Working primarily from home and social distancing when he has no choice, Eric Westram, father of 3 and grandfather of 5, current mayor of Rosemère takes the Covid-19 craziness in stride. Having had a flourishing 25 years career in the pulp and paper industry and 10 years in the industrial sector, mayor Westram is now captaining Rosemère through the Covid-19 storm.
Plandemic, an upcoming documovie has caused a stir among a North American population that has to deal with an avalanche of information concerning COVID-19. Dr. Christos Karatzios, Assistant Professor of Paediatrics/Infectious Diseases at the Montréal Children's Hospital, decided that enough was enough with the conspiracy theories which in the end endanger public health. Here is his rebuttal:
Dimitris IliasIt is a very common sight! Families gathered around an open fire inside a metal firepit. Marshmallow roasting, stories and laughter, sparks ascending in the summer twilight and a feeling of camping in the wild transported right in...
" I saw the best of people there " “When the Days Inn emptied, the residents were transferred to their living environment, that moment marked the end of my month-long stay as a service assistant. I was back home. Suddenly,...


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