A year in review 2022

January 2022

Level of alert raised: hospitals on the verge of a breakdown in services


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In other news: Snow Castle Challenge and Liza Poulin appointed to the Union des municipalités du Québec

Due to the onslaught of the Omicron variant hospitals triggered the maximum alert level and moved to level 4 of load shedding, which means postponing even more surgeries to free up staff. The CISSS des Laurentides Integrated Health and Social Services Center exceeded the level 3 target and asked Quebec to move up to 4th. If the Omicron variant occupied little intensive care, it overflowed the floors of hospitalizations, and not necessarily because of its severity. The absences of health workers in isolation have tripled since December 19, thus considerably reducing the reception capacity of establishments.

Over 1,114,000 doses had been administered (as of January 11) in the Laurentians since the start of the vaccination campaign and the operation was progressing at a good pace according to Alain Jutras, director responsible for the COVID-19 vaccination file at the CISSS des Laurentides, during a conference call with regional media.

By March 14, 2022, Theresians of all ages were invited to participate in the Snow Castle Challenge. This contest provided the perfect opportunity to play outside and enter for one of the many entry prizes.

Participating was simple. Build a snow fort or castle in the backyard or in a park near, and take a picture of it. In 2011, two nurses from Matagami had the idea of creating the Fort en Famille project with the aim of getting children active who do not usually involve themselves with a lot of winter sports. With the support of the Kino-Québec consultant from Baie-James, a first event was held.

The new Mayor of Blainville, Liza Poulin, was appointed to several positions and to the Union des municipalités du Québec and the MRC de Thérèse-De Blainville in sectors of activity related to fields of action deemed as priorities by the municipal administration, such as the environment, natural and recreational environments and culture.

February 2022

The Rosemère budget released

In other news: Robbery investigated, Lorraine donates and surgeries resume

The city of Rosemère released it budget for 2022. In a document provided through the city’s official website the operating budget was set to $34,322,100 with a 2.25% increase in general taxes and rates on the average residential tax bill. The Infrastructure Fund contribution is $0.0105 per $100 of assessment (residential property) and the overall increase in the average residential tax bill is 3.25%, below the CPI*. The city will continue to use of remainder of Quebec government financial assistance for COVID-19. The main projects for 2022 were: the access to and use of the Grand Coteau Forest, the Urban forest master plan, the Plan to fight and adapt to climate change and the ongoing emerald ash borer action plan. In the operating budget new infrastructure taxes were introduced following a consultation with the Rosemère citizens in 2020 in order to create a fund for the investments required to maintain and strengthen the city’s infrastructure. The 2022 increase was equivalent to 1% on the average residential tax bill and this Increase is to be revised upward in the coming years to meet investment needs

The Régie intermunicipale de police Thérèse-De Blainville investigated the circumstances surrounding a robbery that occurred on Tuesday February 8th 2022 in a convenience store located at 2 business boulevard in Boisbriand.

As the epidemiological situation in the region improved, the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux (CISSS) des Laurentides  gradually increased surgical procedures to shorten waiting lists and wait times. Reducing operating rooms activities during the fifth wave of the pandemic was necessary to respond more massively to COVID-19-related needs while the region was at the highest Alert Level 4.

The City of Lorraine donated $3,062 to Centraide Laurentides, at the end of its annual campaign, last December. This significant amount will allow several organizations overseen by Centraide to offer respite to people in the region, whether by offering them food aid, listening or psychological support.

March 2022

School police officer applies the Heimlich maneuver on a chocking student

In other news: Blainville releases results of a survey, flood management in Deux-Montagnes, and revitalization of the Grande-Côte street

On Wednesday, February 23, around 11:35 a.m., RIPTB school police officer Isabelle Giguère was monitoring the situation in the cafeteria of Polyvalente Sainte-Thérèse at the start of lunch hour. More than 1500 students were seated at the time, when a young Secondary 2 student stood up and looked at the policewoman who was nearby, panicked, holding his neck with his hands, he tried to cough, but the air was not passing through. He was literally suffocating. She immediately started the Heimlich maneuver which saved the student’s life.

Isabelle Giguère has been a police officer for more than 25 years, throughout her career, this is the third time that she has helped save a life. A school police officer for 15 years, this is the first time she has had to react so quickly. The staff of the RIPTB highlighted with great gratitude the excellence of the work accomplished by officer Isabelle Giguère. According to their statement, the role of police work goes far beyond the application of laws and regulations. They consider themselves community partners.

The City of Blainville made available the results of a survey carried out among 630 adults in Blainville from May 10 to June 1, 2021. People had been invited to respond online.

In Deux-Montagnes, the transitional regime for the management of shorelines, the littoral and flood zones, put in place by the Quebec government, came into effect on March 1st 2022. This transitional framework replaced the Policy for the protection of shores, littoral zones and floodplains, in addition to allow the lifting of the special intervention zone (ZIS) established following the historic floods of 2019.

In Boisbriand, the city planning advisory committee (CCU), announced at a press conference the extensive public participation process regarding the revitalization of the Grande-Côte street.

April 2022

Housing co-op project realized in Rosemere

In other news: Public consultation in Saint-Eustache, North Shore youth wins, Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac partnership

Responding to a need for more housing options for seniors in Rosemere, a small group of citizens from the area, have been collaborating on a housing co-op project that they would love to see take place in Rosemere.  Though the project initially was conceived due to the lack of options the elderly have in the town once they are ready to sell their homes, the project expanded to also serve the citizens that are affected by the increase of rent, ballooning house prices and the general inflation happening since the beginning of Covid.

The Saint-Eustache  population was invited to participate in the second part of the public consultation in connection with the City’s Urban Mobility Plan. In this new exercise, citizens and business people were invited to share their priorities with respect to the road, pedestrian and cycling network, public transportation and travel safety. With the Urban Mobility Plan, the City aims to adopt improved transport planning by following the best planning practices, to achieve a better balance of transport modes, and to identify the problems of connections on the territory as well as the gaps active mobility.

Though the project initially was conceived due to the lack of options the elderly have in the town once they are ready to sell their homes, the project expanded to also serve the citizens that are affected by the increase of rent, ballooning house prices and the general inflation happening since the beginning of Covid.

Brianna Fasoli, a vocal student at Chroma Musika studios which specialize in youth vocal training in Boisbriand and Ville Saint-Laurent won second place at the Just for Kids vocal competition. At the night of the performance, she interpreted a 90 second segment of Warrior by Demi Lovato.

The City of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac announced its partnership with the organization Au Grenier populaire for the collection of used furniture and household appliances.

May 2022

An A+ for Rosemère’s Library

In other news: White on White returns, overflowing ERs in the Laurentians and green-thumb happiness in Deux-Montagnes

Rosemère’s municipal library had every reason to be proud since its has achieved an overall rating of 92% for all services offered to its residents in 2019. This rating, awarded by the BiblioQUALITÉ program, illustrated the outstanding quality of Rosemère’s library, both in terms of the services provided to residents and the staff hired. “In 2019, Rosemère’s library saw a 10% increase in loans over 2018, which is great news. The number of activities offered is also up and we continue to actively develop programming each year,” stated Eric Westram, Mayor of Rosemère.

BiblioQUALITÉ’s rating is based on a series of quantifiable indicators derived from the guidelines for Québec’s public libraries. The indicators are: hours of operation, surface area, seating capacity and human resources. In addition to these indicators, there are two additional considerations: extra points if the library has abolished late fees and a penalty if library membership is fee-based.

The City of Rosemère announced the return—after a two-year pause—of the White on White cultural event, at Pioneer Park. With “The Venetian Ball” as its theme, the event was organized by the Rosemère Artists Gathering (RAG) and was financially supported by the city, the Corporation de développement culturel et sportif de Rosemère (CDCSR) and several other sponsors.

It was a problem that was exacerbated by the pandemic but nevertheless brewing for many years. Overflowing ERs in the Laurentians. The CISSS des Laurentides reminded the population by once more asking in the beginning of May to avoid emergency rooms in the event of non-emergency health problems.

One more city assisted its green-thumbs to beautify their gardens was Deux-Montagnes. The municipality’s Horticultural Day was back in the spring in its traditional format at the municipal garage. On Saturday, May 28, 2022, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., the citizens of Deux-Montagnes were invited to come and get various plants free of charge in order to undertake their gardening project.

June 2022

Saint-Eustache Hospital expansion finally starts in June 2022

In other news: Blainville got youth grant and Deux Montagnes announced plans for Canada day

The long awaited expansion process for the Saint-Eustache Hospital finally started. The Member of Parliament for Deux-Montagnes, Benoit Charrette, on behalf of the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, announced the beginning of construction work at the Saint-Eustache Hospital to accommodate the new nuclear medicine unit.

The development of nuclear medicine at the Hôpital de Saint-Eustache was an important addition to the offer of care and local services for the population of the Laurentians region. This project provides the establishment with a brand-new pavilion on three levels, with a total area of ​​just over 3,100 m2, replacing the modular ones located on the facade. The new construction makes it possible to add clinical-administrative spaces. The calls for tenders for the construction were launched earlier in spring 2022, and work is expected to continue until 2024.

The Government of Quebec, through the Youth Secretariat, has awarded the City of Blainville a grant totaling $28 $500 for the realization of the 2021-2022 action plan of the youth commission. This action plan, the result of a consultation conducted with residents aged between 18 and 35, revolves around six themes which are diversity and inclusion, the environment and urban planning, transport and mobility, civic and democratic participation, culture and leisure, and health and safety.

As one more Canada birthday approached, the mayor of Deux-Montagnes and the organizing committee announced on June 13th, 2022, the festivities program for the 1st of July. That was going to be the 51st edition of Canada day in the beautiful town and a break finally from the restrictions of the pandemic. Deux Montagnes was also the only North Shore city to host an official Canada Day celebration